Usage Charges

FirstNationalCC Login portal is solely brought into an introduction to help out the users in availing of several important services. The First National Bank uses this login portal to manage the customers effectively.

FirstNationalCC Usage Charges

Some points regarding the FirstNationalCC Usage Charges that you need to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Annual fee – $ 0
  • Late payment fees: Usually up to $ 25. Depends on the time period.
  • APR on purchases – 16.65% -29.9%
  • Transfer fees: 3% of the value of funds transferred.
  • International Business – Charge 1% of any abroad purchase transaction or scheduled transaction
  • Security Level – High

The details of the first Visa National Legacy credit card:-

  • Annual fee – $ 75
  • Late payment fees: Usually up to $ 25
  • APR for purchases – 29.9%
  • Transfer fees: 3% of the value of funds transferred
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 1% of each overseas purchase transaction or planned overseas ATM transaction
  • Fight against fraud – Yes

To benefit from the FirstNationalCC Login portal, registering on the official portal is a must for every customer. Have a look at the registration steps explained in our article to register on this portal securely.

FirstNationalCC offers its clients four different types of credit cards. You can manage all these cards at the website URL First National Bank Visa Credit Cards, also popular as FirstNationalCC, is accessible at the URL address

If a customer finds that unauthorized transactions are made on their FirstNationalCC Login portal, they can request the deactivation of the same and request the new card. Thus, the security of this portal is high. The Bank also ensures that no personal information of any user is shared with any third-party provider under any scenario.

The First National Bank of Nebraska is the most popular private bank in the United States of America. This particular bank started its banking journey in Omaha, Nebraska, the USA in 1865.